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    210.12 B

    [COLOR=#000000][/COLOR][COLOR=#000000] Just tryingto get a feel for how others are handling this code section. From time to timewe have jobs where guys are extending existing or modifying [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]branch circuits. As you know this can happenon a remodel , addition, or even a service change when they are relocating thepanel. The code rule 210.12 B says these circuits, where applicable, would nowbe required to be AFCI protected. I know every job and situation is a littledifferent, and we take things case by case, but how do we ensure the code isbeing met without causing someone to much grief? Especially when the home hascircuits sharing neutrals.[/COLOR]

    If your work is getting inspected you pretty much don't have any choice. If it is not getting inspected, you have a judgement call as to whether or not you should take on any risk of not following code. That is kind of general rule period, but then comes the AFCI issues and whether or not they do what they claim they are supposed to do and it really clouds that judgement up a lot, making many believe when it comes to AFCI's that may be one place to ignore the rules to some extent. Like it or not that is what is happening out there.

    If you add one receptacle for a customer and make them buy the $50-60 breaker that handyman Joe doesn't sell them, guess who looks better to the customer, even if you both did everything else the same and charged same labor rates? Then on top of that they maybe had to keep calling you back because we can't figure out what is causing that AFCI breaker to trip occasionally.
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