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Running NM cable between door head jamb and top header?

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    Running NM cable between door head jamb and top header?

    I'm looking at a really easy run for some NM cable, but it is between the head jamb of a door and the top header. All other paths are much harder. Thickest part of the jam is over 1 1/4 inches and there's another inch of air space before the top header.

    It seems to meet the NEC requirements for NM cable, but somehow it makes me uncomfortable. Is running nm cable here OK? If it were to be protected, how?
    There are plastic boxes on either side of the run, which makes armored cable a bit more awkward.

    Click image for larger version

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    So long as the cable isn't running through space where the door opens, you are fine.
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      Not an issue if you 1.25" back from the edge as required. Even AC cable will be no match for the carpenters nail gun.


      All responses based on the 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted