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max. service disconnects after tap can

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    max. service disconnects after tap can

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    See attach picture, a retail building with several tenants are powered from main wireway via utility furnished tap can, I thought NEC limits to max. 6 disconnect switches per service after the tap can? Looks like picture shows 7 disconnect switches installed, can someone explain? If we have more than 6 tenants, what can we do? Install a main disconnect switch before / after tap can? Or have two service feeder, each serves one tap can? (the tap can is fed direct from utility pad mounted xfmr via underground conduit).

    I'm not saying that it applies to this installation but there are exceptions to the 6 disconnect rule that would allow a 7th disconnect. If the exception didn't apply a main would be a suitable solution.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted


      Since this is a multiple occupancy building you may be allowed to have more than one service to the building, typically a service disconnecting means in/at each occupancy is how that is done.

      Since it all comes to one location though, 230.71(A) does contain the wording "There shall be not more than six sets of disconnects per service grouped in any one location." and the only items not included in that are disconnecting means for:
      Power monitoring equipment

      Surge-protective device(s)

      Control circuit of the ground-fault protection system

      Power-operable service disconnecting means
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