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GFCI on 60A tanning bed?

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    GFCI on 60A tanning bed?

    I have a local inspector who says my existing 60A 240V feed to an upright tanning bed needs GFCI protection. I don't agree, because the manual/wiring diagram makes no mention of GFCI, and there is no neutral carried out to the supply (just line-line-ground). Every component inside the bed is 240V, with no 120VAC used anywhere. The GFCI (Siemens) needs a 'load neutral' but there is none.

    I have to have a good reason to argue, since this is a small rural community, and you just don't argue with the inspector. Anything in NEC 2014 that requires GFCI protection for this big of a tanning bed?

    Why would the GFCI breaker require a load neutral to work? Also what code section is he citing to require the GFCI protection?


    All responses based on the 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted


      I concur with infinity: the GFCI almost certainly requires a supply neutral to function, and provides a load side neutral connection, but that load side neutral does not need to be used. It will function just fine for a pure line to line load. So you can't argue that a GFCI won't work.

      However the inspector should be able to say why it is required. Often it is a manufacturer requirement, but you specifically stated that it isn't a requirement for this unit.



        You said 2014 NEC, if 2017 applied I would have to ask where this tanning bed is located and if it is cord and plug connected, there were changes in 2017 that could possibly require this to be GFCI protected - would be location based and applies to receptacles in those locations, hard wired equipment still doesn't apply unless there is something in chapters 5-7 that would call for it.
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          Just ask the inspector what section he is quoting.... I see you are not an electrician so that is as much help as we can give you.
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