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Romex for use in non metallic conduit in an assembly area

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    Romex for use in non metallic conduit in an assembly area

    I was recently asked to install a circuit in a assembly area. The assembly occupancy is over 100. The conduit is existing but recently installed by another person and is non metallic PVC conduit. Current circuits exist in the conduit are of NMC cable (romex). The NMC runs through the PVC conduit into the assembly area. The PVC is behind 5/8 drywall or gypsum board.
    In reading the code in section 334.12 (5) NMC is not permitted to be used in theaters and similar locations. No exceptions can I find. The non metallic conduit can be used behind the fire barrier (5/8 drywall) but I cannot find anything allowing the use of NMC cable (romex) installed in those conduits. in the feeder conduit which is one inch installed by others there are 5 circuits of romex filling the conduit that nothing could be added. The area is not sprinklered but the PVC is behind 5/8 drywall.

    Concerns: Use of Romex in an assembly area and over fill of the conduit due to physical size of the romex

    NM and PVC is ot allowed in an assembly. The pvc can go through the space if encased in 2" concrete.

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      Assembly Occupancies

      You need to look at NEC 518.4 wiring methods