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Modifying A Generator (Neutral Bonding To The Frame)

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    Modifying A Generator (Neutral Bonding To The Frame)

    I have a 3500/4000 Watt Champion Generator that I'm planning on using in two scenarios:
    1) As a stand alone unit, with neutral bonded to the frame(Generator Ground)
    2) For emergeny purposes, connected to my main circuit breaker box using an interlock with a 30A power inlet. Neutral will not be bonded to the generator frame and will be floating at the generator.

    I don't want to have to connect/disconnect the neutral bonding wire every time my use scenario changes. I'm thinking of adding a switch to the generator neutral bonding wire to turn neutral bonding on/off on the fly. I don't see any problems, but wanted to ask those with more knowledge than I. Does anyone see concerns with this strategy?

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