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Parallel outputs of AC disconnects to load-side tap

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    Originally posted by deadshort View Post
    -My main question was concerning the combining of the AC disco outputs to the tap. As long as the conductors from the discos to the tap are rated for 200A we should be good right?


      Your AHJ could say just about anything about this, especially if you're still on the 2011 code. But I think it's a safe installation.


        HiQ inverters combine in an AC junction box, with no OCPD, and then the combined output goes to a common CB in an AC combiner panel. No problem doing it, just size all the conductors correctly. But they do have the OCPD at the AC combiner where you just have a tap. But since you are tapping after the main CB it should count as the supplying OCPD.

        The conductors between each switch and the common tie point are subject to the fault current back feed from the service and from the other inverter, most people don't size for this and just size it for the inverter output. For this system it would be sized for 300A.
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