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    Originally posted by pv_n00b View Post
    This can work against you too if the AHJ selects the 3rd party. There are several AHJs in SoCal that use the same 3rd party review company who has strange PV interpretations. So instead of having just one problem AHJ every AHJ that signs up with this company adopts the same problems. When someone protests to an AHJ they just say they go with whatever the 3rd party says.
    Can't imagine who you might be referring to


      Originally posted by c_picard View Post

      7, 386 = The number of distinct AHJs we track "special" requirements for, last I ran the query. *National* Electrical Code, Ha!
      There is an AHJ we deal with a lot who shall remain nameless. They have two solar inspectors, and their interpretations of the NEC sometimes are... special. To make it worse, their interpretations are not the same. Over the years we have learned which NEC compliant designs we simply cannot implement, and in many cases, which one of these guys we have to get in order for an installation to pass inspection.

      They have no technical oversight; everyone north of them in their chain of command are administrators with no technical expertise; protests fall on deaf ears.


        hopefully you make $ for your troublesome working conditions -- I usually correct those who say "just want to make you happy" with Code is minimum not personal
        CircuitRyder --- Unfortunately not all good ideas are code enforceable.


          In our areas most of the inspectors have worked with their tools in the past and have 1st hand experience with a good portion of the Code and with working with inspectors themselves. I kinda feel for the Solar guys as many of the inspectors, like myself, don't have that "on hands" experience with Solar and it's certainly not the easiest Section of the Code to understand and available classes can quickly go over your head. Maybe Mike can come up with a program "Solar Inspections for Dummies"
          At my age, I'm accustomed to restaurants asking me to pay in advance, but now my bank has started sending me their calendar one month at a time.


            Originally posted by ggunn View Post

            Yeah, I know, I'm preaching to the choir. Can I get an AMEN?
            I can't find the thread, nor remember the poster

            Apparently there's something of a interpretational problem between 705 and 230

            IE~ we don;t know if it's treated as an sds or not

            Not sure if any of this has been brought to the attention of the 'powers that be'....