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Life expectancy of PV panels

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    I am told the fundamental technology invented by Bell Labs 60 or more years ago is basically unchanged: crystalline silicon cells.
    As a result we can observe PV panels operating well on remote mountaintops, etc for decades.

    To my knowledge most of the systems i installed as a grunt in 2001 are still fine. (Usually inverters and batteries fail.)
    I have gone back and serviced them and customers are often convinced they need to replace but i advise against it. Usually I just add to it.
    Usually i will just re string the panels to "high V" 600VDC and get them a modern, grid tie, no battery inverter.


      Originally posted by Zee View Post
      I bet the 75W panels were ARCO solar or Siemens and had circular cells or half circles. Just my WAG.
      Photos of the old modules
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        Originally posted by BillK-AZ View Post
        Photos of the old modules
        Oh wow, you can see the J box "burning" through on 3-4 of them.

        (Oh and I see now, you had mentioned they were Arco solar/Siemens)
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