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Solar Ready Meter Panel says 100A Availabe

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    Solar Ready Meter Panel says 100A Availabe

    So while researching the latest on Solar Ready Main Service Panels, I ran across this, with the claim that's it's 100A Solar Ready.

    Get this:

    [COLOR=#424242]This box is basically a standard 200A box with a 60A load side tap. Here is how you can get 100A:[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#424242]60A from the top dedicated solar section.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#424242]40A from the main bussing. (200A Bussing x 120% - 200A Main breaker = 40A solar)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#424242]You will need 2 solar breakers to get 100A, 1 x 40A, 1 x 60A.

    Thoughts on getting this by your AHJ?


    I'm sure I could get that by most of my AHJs, except the ones that aren't yet recognizing the centerfed option on a dwelling. But it's pretty lame. I reckon it would cost all of $1.50 to just make the auxiliary service disconnect 100A.

    By the way that's a line side tap to the 60A.


      I had looked into those and apparently, from what I gather, there are 2 options. A 40A PV buss and a 60A PV buss. The other thing I found is that it’s about $350 more than a comparable meter combo service. What I haven’t figured out, said from the 2 more breaker spaces, why you would use one and if and when it’s required.

      Tagging along.


        Seems like a Mickey Mouse way to do it. But in a residential system how often do you really need more than a 60A CB? That would allow for a 11.5kW AC system which is a pretty large residential system.