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Use of 120% Rule (Solar Breaker Position) 705.12.D.2.3.b

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    Originally posted by pv_n00b View Post
    AHJ passes something that the contractor thinks might be a code violation, either because the AHJ missed it, does not understand why it is incorrect, or just doesn't care about that one thing, etc. Contractor spends the next 30 years arguing with every AHJ that flags the same thing as being non-compliant saying the way they did it is code compliant because an AHJ approved it once. "I've been doing it this way for 30 years and you are the first AHJ to say I can't do this."
    And it's made even more complicated by the fact that every AHJ has its own special idiosyncrasies that may or may not have any basis in the NEC. We have a constantly evolving document that's now up to 5 pages long with AHJ's listed along with what makes them special.