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Walmart PV Roof fires with Tesla PV systems

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    They are utility-interactive and supply electricity to the premises and the grid or perhaps just to the grid. Most are presumably net-metered, some may be some kind of feed-in tarrif. The rate and tarrif details will vary from state to state.


      Originally posted by jaggedben View Post

      These are all over the country and almost certainly installed by many, many different people. That's allegedly part of the problem, I think. (i.e lack of training and standards)

      Your point about home run wiring is apt. It appears that Tesla agreed to 'de-energize' the systems but did not take the meaning of that word seriously when it comes to the exposed DC cables on the roof which might be having ground faults. If you have a string double-faulting to racking then turning off the inverter not only doesn't fix the danger but it theoretically it makes it some amount worse.

      Yep, that's what happened in the infamous Bakersfield Fire and why I said they should disconnect the home run conductors for all the similarly installed systems that have not burnt up yet. BTW, those conductors should be disconnected at the modules, not at the DC combiners.


        Looks like Amazon has joined the party...


          The walmart by my house appears to be starting a ground mount installation. Looks like the are starting with a cinderblock structure in the middle of the parking lot about 100 yards from the building. The carport style ground mount PV installations are becoming rather popular out here. I just wonder how much it costs to erect the steel mounts.

          I will say that the installs I have seen have been absolute garbage, PV wire free to air held in place by zip ties and lots of slack and self tapper that are 1-2” longer than they need to be just sticking out into space