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New 230.71 Rules vs 225.33 Rules - 2020

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    New 230.71 Rules vs 225.33 Rules - 2020

    Asking here as without a paid NFPA membership, I don't see how I can find out this early in the game, before the new book is printed. 230.71 (draft below) is being updated to further restrict the use of the 6 switch rule for services. I am wondering if there will be updated rules in the 2020 NEC for section 225.33 that will in essence be the same as the new rules for 230.71, or is 225.33 going to continue as its own section with less stringent requirements?

    Here is the text of the new 230.71 rule:

    (B) Two to Six Service Disconnecting Means.

    Two to six service disconnects shall be permitted for each service permitted by 230.2 or for each set of

    service-entrance conductors permitted by 230.40, Exception No. 1, 3, 4, or 5. The two to six service

    disconnecting means shall be permitted to consist of a combination of any of the following:

    (1) Separate enclosures with a main service disconnecting means in each enclosure

    (2) Panelboards with a main service disconnecting means in each panelboard

    (3) A service disconnect in a switchboard where there is only one service disconnect in an enclosure

    (4) A service disconnect in switchgear that is located in its own separate compartment

    Informational Note: See 408.36, Exception No. 3, for service equipment in certain panelboards, and

    see 430.95 for service equipment in motor control centers.

    You don't need to have a paid membership to look at the code changes. They are available for public viewing.
    Click on next edition and then on the Second Draft Report.
    You do have to register to view things, but there is no cost. The second draft is almost the final document, but there can be changes between that and what is published.

    There was no change to 225.33. That does not present the same hazard as service equipment because there over current protection on the line side of the second building disconnects.
    Don, Illinois
    (All code citations are 2017 unless otherwise noted)


      I might just get out of the business by the time these rules hit California in 2023.