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70E Retraining Question

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    70E Retraining Question

    110.2 (D) Employee Training
    (3) Retraining. Retraining in safety-related work practices and applicable changes in this standard shall be performed at intervals not to exceed three years. An employee shall receive additional training (or retraining) if any of the following conditions exists:
    The supervision or annual inspections indicate that the employee is not complying with the safety-related work practices.
    New technology, new types of equipment, or changes in procedures necessitate the use of safety-related work practices that are different from those that the employee would normally use.
    The employee must employ safety-related work practices that are not normally used during his or her regular job duties.

    I interpret this to basically mean requalifying our qualified personnel every three years, including ensuring they can pick the correct test instrument and test for voltage, ground etc. My colleague believes the retraining is complied with by covering LOTO procedures, boundaries, PPE, etc, which we do annually.

    What do you do to comply with the retraining requirement?



    I used to design these classes for companies and typically the retraining class was a shorter version of the initial training that focused on the specific training requirements in 110.2 and not so much on all the other fluff in the 70E. We also made sure to specifically cover anything that has changed in the 70E or plant procedures/equipment status.