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Dangling feed from removed equipment

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    Dangling feed from removed equipment

    We are moving a lot of machinery in our plant, and getting a lot of this:
    Click image for larger version

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    Of course
    1) the discon is off
    2) the fuses are pulled
    3) I can snip off the stripped ends & tape them up

    In one case there is 200 feet of 1/0ga 3ph aluminum wire in conduit 20 feet overhead, and the last 10 feet are hanging down bare.
    No way do I have time to go up and remove all the tubing
    No way would I know what to do with hundreds of pounds of wire, can't even bend it by hand & plant is already cluttered
    No way can I pull it out

    Besides, as we move stuff, some of these runs might be re-purposed so I'm loath to take it down.

    The best I can think of is to remove the fed end completely from the discon and let it dangle at both ends until we figure out the final plan.
    In the long run I have no problem taking these runs down, we will be up there installing new for the next 2 months anyway.

    How about installing a box on the end of that sealtite, capping off the conductors with wire nuts then putting a cover on it? With the larger and longer conductors the solution is similar- bigger box, coil the slack up in the box if you don't want to cut it. Tape the ends.

    This is the usual way to handle this. Oh, and label the covers as to where the wiring comes from.



      Do you have a safety department?
      Do you have written procedures for this type of stuff?
      Are you using LO/TagOut?


        Originally posted by sameguy View Post
        Do you have a safety department?
        Do you have written procedures for this type of stuff?
        Are you using LO/TagOut?
        We don't have departments, company is about 10 people plus 6 workers whose language I can't speak.
        If there were a written procedure, I would have to write it. So, there might be one some day when I get time.
        My locks are on & keys in my desk. When actually working on a line the key is in my pocket.

        Capping the wires in boxes would definitely be preferred if I can scrounge some boxes.
        Such are not in my budget, which is why I considered dangling both ends in the first place.
        This is temporary, they say we should be done in a month. But they are only aware of their own plans.
        The other 2/3 of the work falls on me. I can call in a contractor if I want, but then we start running
        out of hand soap & toilet paper. (I prefer to bring my own tools anyway, so bringing soap & TP from home
        doesn't bother me... just tools of the trade!)


          If I was going to work on it with people who don't speak/ come from the U.S. I would determine both sides. Locks or not sounds like you have an uphill battle, better safe than dead.