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Article 110-26(e) -vs- 110-26(f)

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    Article 110-26(e) -vs- 110-26(f)

    My question deals with both of these articles. There is a plumbers p-trap that runs over the head of the user of a 277/480 volt panel, the p-trap is approximately 7 feet above finish floor.
    The p-trap is not directly over the panel where it may violate the Dedicated Equipment Space required by code. However my question is does this violate the Headroom Space required by code since it is over the head of the user? I have been told by our Electrical Engineer that if this p-trap leaks that maintenance will be aware of a problem and that caution should be taken when working or servicing this panel until the leak is fixed and that the Dedicated Space for this panel has not been violated and this is a good installation.
    This is a new 20 story building and I would like your opinion and input or references to use as feed back since this installation is critical.
    Thanks, Richard Ortega

    Charles E. Beck, P.E., Seattle
    Comments based on 2017 NEC unless otherwise noted.