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Are three legged ladders legal for use?

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    Originally posted by steelersman View Post
    ice? what's ice?
    Internal Combustion Engine.....?
    Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes.


      Originally posted by Besoeker View Post
      Internal Combustion Engine.....?


      I'm kinda partial to 4 legged ladders myself. I always feel like the 3 legged ladders rock on me when you get near the top. By the top, I mean 2 steps down from it just to be clear.
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        The only problem with a three legged ladder is you can't straddle the top..i know your not supposed to, but I bet a few of you have :cool:


          Originally posted by byourdesky View Post
          The only problem with a three legged ladder is you can't straddle the top.
          Well, you can, but there's only one stirrup.
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            Originally posted by stormywyo View Post
            I have even seen two legged ladders that were approved and work quit well..
            My co-worker who is also on this forum read this thread.

            He told me of a thread of Three Legged Ladders and I've seen this thread but

            never had read it before today. He told me someone mentioned a

            two-legged ladder.He had a great point is'nt a two-legged ladder

            an "Extension Ladder?"


              I could definitely see thow a 3 legged ladder could excel in some instances.

              However, a few people have said that the 3 legged ladders are better than 4 legged ladders in EVERY instance. Example:

              Originally posted by wawireguy View Post
              They are superior in every way honestly.
              When woking on flat surfaces with room around my work area (98% of my experience) how is a 3 legged ladder better than a 4 legged ladder?
              All responses based on my complete lack of code knowledge.


                Originally posted by LarryFine View Post
                Well, you can, but there's only one stirrup.
                The more I see the more I realize there is no end to what I've yet to see. I'm sort of intrigued to try straddling a ladder with one stirrup now. :grin:
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                  If you ever tried one you'd probably like it. Three legged ladders don't walk on you like a four legged one. Like most things it's different strokes for different folks but I meet people all the time that decry the use of three legged ladders and haven't even tried one. One caveat is that the shorter 4' ones are less stable than a 4' four legger. One other thing is storage and transporting. The bases are wider on a three legged ladder.