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Thread: BAsement finishing and AFCI vs existing branch ckts

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    BAsement finishing and AFCI vs existing branch ckts

    Hello All:

    I have 8 spaces left in my 200 A panel and am adding a pool and finishing the basement. My initial thoughts were that I needed 4 Branch for Rcept and Lights in the basement, a 2 pole and single feed for the pool - 7 spots total needed.

    However my township is requiring that I heat my new space 850 Sq ft ~ 8500W so that will consume 2 x 2pole spots - and I have no room. Additionaly the new branch ckts require AFCI - the Inspector/Underwriter had to preapprove the plan prior to getting a Const Permit - the AFCI were explicitly called out.

    OK so my question is this - If I use a few Tandem 15 Breakers ( Siemens QP) to free up some spaces in the panel on existing branch circuits - is this technically a upgrade to my service? - and thus requiring them to be AFCI type ( no tandems available - i.e. pointless)

    Our Township is something known for being a PITA - however - for the cost of a few Tandems - I am tempted to give it a shot and if they flag it - well then deal with it then.

    ( FYI - finishing basement for TV, craft and exercise - are you ready....Drylok poured concrete walls, R14 Insulation on exterior of finished spaces, Horiz Firestopping, Vert Firestop every 10 ft, 1KW heat per Sq ft, AFCI's, tamper proof Recept - in addtion to the usual Egress, and other construction standards.)

    Thanks -

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