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    Quote Originally Posted by don_resqcapt19 View Post
    You don't normally pull near as much wire though a LFMC fitting as you would though a bend in a conduit.
    The sidewall pressure is what damages the insulation of a conductor when pulled around a bend. The amount of this pressure is a function of both the pulling tension and the radius of the bend. It is expected that the pulling tension when installing a conductor in a flexible conduit fitting would be much less than where the conductors are pulled around a bend in the conduit system.
    the fitting itself is stiff nylon, not exactly as soft as plastic flex conduit.

    in my case i am really not pulling wire through, the section of conduit is 10" on each side of the 180 with two 90degree fittings connected together to form the 180. its a very short section connecting a Siemens disco to a Eaton breaker panel, two metal boxes basically ganged together back-to-back. i will be making an assembly not unlike a pre-wired whip where one end is on disco and the other on the breaker box. flex conduit itself wont bend to a 2" radius, thus i need fittings to make the tight turn. i dont see any real safety issue, but codes are codes, etc. i guess an option is to use a conduit body to make the turn.

    this is i mounted outside ~18" to bottom edge of lowest box. none of the punchouts align well so i needed a way to make this loop in a flexible manner. each end enters box in the vertical. i could enter the breaker box from the side but it will add much more stress on a 90degree fitting and it will be harder for me to bend wire into the box and then into final terminal location in the box, etc.

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