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Thread: 4160 Isolation Transformer

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    Closure on this Topic

    I thought i'd post what the end results are.

    The drive is up and running perfectly with no issues. New feed of 13.8kv hits the tranformer and a new feed of 4160 from it to the drive and the motor.

    I have included some links to show the input and output waveform of the drive.

    The first image is for full load, the second image is at 50%

    The following lines show;
    1. Voltage input
    2. Current input
    3. Voltage output
    4. Current output

    Results, there is almost no harmonic, just a bit of a 5th harmonic under 50% load.

    Anyway thanks again for everyone's help and i will defiantly use some of you'll advice!

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    Thanks for the follow up, we rarely get that.
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