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Thread: i need help on a gate opener w/ video please

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    Thanks for the followup. It's tough to keep up with all the new products that are out there today. Going to file this one away for future reference.


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    I wanted to post another follow-up to this install.

    This has turned out to be not the most reliable setup. The customer has lost functionality a few times over the last few months since install requiring the system to be reset.

    Also, the customer uses an android phone, and no longer has live video feed from the built-in camera; that stopped working a couple of months ago, and the manufacturer states it is an issue with their app that they are working on. They still have live video from the remote camera, but that has to be accessed manually. When someone calls from the gate, and the app opens on their phone, they have no video feed.

    Since the Microsoft azure system outage, they’ve had several issues.

    The manufacturer has given no timeline on restoring live video services. They state that it is working normally on iOS devices.

    As of now I’m no longer recommending this product.

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