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seals are threaded. if you have one on the D1 side how come no hazardous gases can get into the conduit leading to the non-hazardous side?
Yes, and not only that you can place a reducer in the seal.[Sections 501.15(A)(4) and 501.15(B)(2) (my idea BTW)] Remember, the seal is only to minimize, not prevent, the passage of flammables [Section 501.15 IN No.1] By the time all the packing and sealing compound in the seal is considered, minimizing passage in a properly installed seal is well covered. This has been confirmed by both manufactures and UL. Of course, a Division 2/unclassified seal doesn't have to be explosionproof in the first place, but there aren't supposed to be any flammables in the first place either under normal operating conditions.