Hi Guys!! about 80% of the work we do is rewiring older homes in the area. Residential work is also the hardest sector for me to try and get flat rate pricing for. It seems EVERY home I look at has some kind of factor that influences pricing one way or another. It's usually not as simple as looking at a Bed room and saying it has 5 drops and a light on a switch. Clients typically do not want damage to drywall/plaster walls and we make our drops from attic. I was thinking about Doing a flat rate per Room for this type of work, but still have seen homes where the prices increase due to circumstance. A floored attic usually raises costs due to all the cutting of floors and putting in back down when we are done. I am trying to get more in line with flat rate pricing so I am not wasting 3-4 Hours on an estimate when I can do mostly all of our commercial and new construction from a set of prints in my office. Any one here have any insight to this? I am starting to think that doing a walk through and pricing the job as I see it is the ONLY sure fire way to not lose my shirt on a job.