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Thread: Running 240 to compressor and saw from sub-panel

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    Running 240 to compressor and saw from sub-panel

    I just replaced the cable and subpanel in a garage with 4 wire and unbonded neutral. The main panel neutral is also unbonded as there is a generator and transfer switch between it and the meter.

    I want to convert a compressor and table saw to 240v from the new sub panel. The saw is 15 years old and I am not sure it has separated neutral and ground.

    If I use three wire 240v (2 hot and ground) from the subpanel to the compressor and saw, does that not defeat the purpose of unbonding the neutral at the subpanel?
    Running 240v 2 hot and neutral seems very dangerous.

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    Why would a 240 V saw have a neutral?
    The ground fault return path is via the green wire back to the main panel.
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