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Thread: Grounding & Bonding Perimeter for Ham Radio

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    Grounding & Bonding Perimeter for Ham Radio

    Hi. I’ve been recently studying about Grounding and Bonding Perimeters around radio transmitter towers and being a ham radio operator, it got m curious about a small residential set up on my house. I’ve been reading the Soares NEC 2017 on Grounding and Bonding and also the the ARRL Grounding and Bonding for the Radio Amateur by H. Ward Silver. Before I do the construction of the rods and bonding them, I would like some input on this subject.

    I’ve been told not to bond the chain to the A/C unit and Service Panel because this will create a path after lightning strike to enter your interior wiring system through out the house and all electronics. Also not to bond to A/C because when the A/C starts up to run, there will be 3 motors adding noise to the grounding system beside other motors in use.

    The illustration 1 & 2 are diagrams I’ve been following . Illustration 3 is the plan I’ve sketched on my house. The sketch shows bonding to the A/C and Service Entrance. Please advise me on keeping that bond to the A/C and Panel Box or not.

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    I suggest going to a ham radio forum.

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