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Thread: MI cable

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    MI cable

    I am pricing a new 157 room , 6 story hotel.
    (BUDGETARY pricing)
    All I have is a brief SOW / narrative
    It has a 250 kW generator on the roof with 3 output breakers and 3 ATSs

    ATS-EM Emergency
    ATS -LR Legally required stand by
    ATS-OSB Optional stand by

    ATS-EM will have 3 em panel boards serving designated emergency loads
    RE: egress lighting, exist signage, fire alarm system , BDA ,

    Because of the ” EM “ , the generator vendor told me I need to carry a roll up connection for back up when being serviced , (new 2017)

    Question :
    do I need to carry MI cable for ATS-EM / roll up conn ?
    how about the "normal" side of the ATS ?
    How about the branch circuits ?

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    The Sr. Planner of a larger city, who teaches our local IAEI continuing education, approved MI cable feeders on a case-by-case basis for 2-hour fire ratings with commercial generators for years before it was included in California's IBC version (UBC) for that purpose. If your State has adopted a similar IBC version, MI cable may be there by now, or your regional Sr. Planner may approve it on a case-by-case basis.
    Roger Ramjet NoFixNoPay

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