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Would they need bonded if channel is all plastic? Argument could be made that they can never be energized unless an extension cord or wire from elsewhere was somehow crossing them and was broken... because these are installed in a way that should never allow them to become energized.
The problem isn't so much whether they become energized as much as it is they can become a different voltage from the pool and pool associated items. If the pool and equipotential bonding system are all at 2 volts above true ground potential and these non bonded drainage covers become true ground potential - pool users are subjected to that 2 volts. If they are bonded to the equipotential bonding system they are always at same potential as everything else connected to the equipotential bonding system and won't matter from user's perspective even if those items are all sitting there at 1000 volts to true ground, as everything they can touch is all at same potential - similar to a bird on an overhead high voltage line if it can't touch anything at different potential it doesn't get shocked.