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Thread: 3-way switch without travelers (radio)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ptonsparky View Post
    That's nice! The last one we installed did not have that doodad. I think I sold it to them a year or so ago and they finally called to have it hooked up.
    Lutron has a part number for it. I'm not sure I've ever saw any retailers with any but am sure you could call Lutron and order some. You could also just take a small film capacitor with wire leads and tie that in. I can't remember the size of the caps, but @gar gave me the size.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Bill View Post
    The RF switch that I posted ships with what is called a MLC (minimum load capacitor). You tie it in anywhere in the circuit, line-neutral. I usually like to tie- in in the switch box. It puts a small load on for LED or even fluorescent. Same principle as adding a regular bulb.
    I don't automatically use them, only if the light doesn't work or work well with the switch.
    Let's just say I have a drawer full of them that I didn't need.

    I have used this too, works great.

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    3-way switch without travelers (radio)

    Legrand RF controls

    LC2201 is the switch, LC2203 is the remote. You don’t need the RFLC hub to use them as wireless 3-ways. They will bind together without it.

    2201 goes at the load, 2203 just needs 120v power.

    Also, get a quote from your P&S supplier; website prices are retail.

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