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Thread: Tapping directly into grounding rod

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    Tapping directly into grounding rod

    I am interested in upgrading an existing outlet so that it is properly grounded. The outlet in question is running off of a 2-wire circuit along with one other outlet. The position of these outlets would make it rather difficult to run a wire through the walls and instead what I would like is to connect directly to the house's grounding electrode (a rod electrode in the ground). This rod electrode is located directly on the other side of an exterior wall from the concerned outlet and connection to it would be much simpler. My question is the following: Would this upgrade satisfy the NEC? Based on my own research, since I am grounding an existing receptacle the article that would apply to my grounding method is 250.130(c) and the first point of this text describes "(1) Any accessible point on the grounding electrode system as described in 250.50" as an acceptable grounding conductor. Going off of this information, it appears that my plan is in compliance but I am interested in a second opinion

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