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Thread: gas line bonding. Natural gas or Propane ?

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    gas line bonding. Natural gas or Propane ?

    Some inspectors (there are many, each city and county has their own inspector) in IN say don't bond a propane gas line in a house, but bond a Natural gas line. Others say both types must be bonded. The other state I work in (KY) insists on not bonding any gas line. It's confusing. Any thoughts ? Thank you.

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    Most gas lines are bonded thru the equipment grounding conductor of the circuit that feeds the appliance or equipment. Csst needs special bonding otherwise we never bond any gas lines.

    250.104(B)(B) Other Metal Piping. If installed in or attached to a buildingor structure, a metal piping system(s), including gas piping,
    that is likely to become energized shall be bonded to any of the
    (1) Equipment grounding conductor for the circuit that is
    likely to energize the piping system
    (2) Service equipment enclosure
    (3) Grounded conductor at the service
    (4) Grounding electrode conductor, if of sufficient size
    (5) One or more grounding electrodes used, if the grounding
    electrode conductor or bonding jumper to the
    grounding electrode is of sufficient size
    The bonding conductor(s) or jumper(s) shall be sized in
    accordance with Table 250.122, and equipment grounding
    conductors shall be sized in accordance with Table 250.122
    using the rating of the circuit that is likely to energize the
    piping system(s). The points of attachment of the bonding
    jumper(s) shall be accessible.
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    I agree with Dennis unless it's a certain brand of CSST no additional pipe bonding is required or needed.


    All responses based on the 2014 NEC unless otherwise noted

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