Hi! I am looking for an article in the 2017NFPA/NEC or the newest UL508A manual regarding space for components vs. the wire duct location.
i.e. My VFD requires 4" space on the top, when I add a 1" wire duct, do I need to lay it down 4" above the VFD or can it lay inside the 4" space requirement and add an extra inch so the next part will be 5" above the VFD? I seem to recall an inspector told me, or I read it, that if my wire duct was 1" wide, I would need to increase my space requirements by half the wire duct size :. in the example above the next part would need to be 4.5" above the VFD. If someone could point me in the direction of the actual clause that describes this, I would greatly appreciate it!