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Thread: PV System Interconnection in the Main Service Panel

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    Thanks everyone for their thoughtful suggestions, to summarize,

    1) It is a good idea to use 100% rated (will have to confirm with my POCO though because I don't want to mess up during inspection), I will do more research on that.
    2) There is o space behind the bus
    3) I researched on extending the bus and modifying/replacing the existing lug. But when I spoke to the equipment manufacturer, they told doing any of those will void UL listing and they only suggest to replace the equipment (which will be the last choice)
    4) Right now, we are also looking into interconnection directly in the manhole.

    Will keep you guys posted. Thanks again

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    Cool. Please keep us posted. I'm always curious how these things turn out.
    Ethan Brush - East West Electric. NY, WA. MA

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