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Thread: Changing NOVAR Controlled Lighting Schedules

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    Changing NOVAR Controlled Lighting Schedules

    I'm working on a project that took over a big box store that has a NOVAR lighting control system. I'd like to make some adjustments to the switching times for the lights, but I have no experience with NOVAR systems. A quick search on the interwebz said that NOVAR is a licensed system and the end user needs to purchase a license to use (or make adjustments) to their system. I'm hoping I'm wrong and that there's a simple program I can throw on my laptop and plug into the NOVAR panel and make the time adjustments.

    It's a NOVAR Savvy Panel with a XCM10S controller.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    A quick look at NOVAR shows me why they restrict access to their certified techs and not just anybody who thinks they can throw a program on their laptop to make some adjustments.

    If indeed the system is licensed to the user then your customer needs to purchase a license to use the system and then have a NOVAR tech make the changes.

    ETA: Another search might indicate that NOVAR isn't around anymore and a certified contractor might be hard to find. Looks like the solution is to change it out or upgrade to another system.

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