2010 ibc or nec for utah

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Which residential codes will be in force for utah in 2010 possibly others states, the ibc- international building code (inspectors preference) or the 2008 nec. I appears to be a crap shoot. Any thoughts raider1.


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Right now the State of Utah has adopted the 2006 IRC (International Residential Code) to apply to all aspects of single family, two family dwellings including electrical. The State has also adopted the 2008 NEC to apply to all other buildings.

So for a single family home you must use the 2006 IRC which is based on the 2005 NEC.

In January when the Utah State Legislature meets then they will vote on House Bill 47 (I will check to make sure that is the correct bill when I get to my office on Monday).

In the house bill it is proposed that Utah adopt the 2009 IRC to apply to single family and two family dwellings. The bill does contain an amendment to retain the 2005 language of 210.12 and not expand the AFCI requirements.

It will depend on the State Legislature as to if we adopt the new codes and when these codes go into effect.

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