2011 Proposals, Comments, Reports

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If you are interesting in viewing all the Proposals, Comments, and other Reports relating to the 2011 - NEC code change process (earlier editions as well), follow the directions provided:

Getting to the 2011 NEC Forum

Using your web browser, go to the NEMA website at www.nema.org. Click on Marketplace on the left side of your screen; then click on Standards on the drop-down menu; and then on Forums also on the drop-down menu, select. You will be directed to the Forums page which will show a list of available forums you can participate.
Scroll down the list of Forums and click on the 2011 NEC Forum.
Logging in as a New User
If you want to view or download and of the information on the Forum, you must self registered as a new user and set up your own Forum account. You can self-register by clicking on ?Sign up? and filling in the requested information including your selected username and password.

When selecting your login name and password, keep in mind the following:
? your login name and real name should be different
? your password should be different from your login name and you should keep it secure
? your login name must be unique so you may be asked to use a different login name.

When you have completed the ?Sign up? process, send an email message to the Forum Manager (vin_baclawski@nema.org) informing him that you have signed in as a new user and would like access to the Forum.

Logging in as an Existing User
If you already have an account, you simply enter your username and password in the textbox on the login page. Click Enter to complete the login. To have WebBoard remember you on future visits, check the Remember my password box. As long as you enter the Forum from the same browser, WebBoard recognizes you, skips the login page and immediately displays the board's conference list. Note that saving your login information is security risk. If your Forum contains sensitive information, you should not have your password remembered.

If you misspell your name or password, WebBoard displays a page for you to try again. If you can't remember your login name or password, log in as a new user and then ask the Forum administrator or manager for assistance.


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Good post Bryan. The recirculated votes are now available to the code panel members. After March 19th, all the votes will be in and the ROP will be available to the TCC. After they are done, the ROP will be available to everyone and comments may be made. :smile:


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Ryan I tried to get into the 2011 forum today and thats what the reply email said

Mr. Bellantoni,

Thank you for your interest in NEMA?s 20011 NEC Forum. Unfortunately, this forum is only available to NEMA members.


Vince. Baclawski

Am I trying to access the right section of the site

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