2018 Modified Roof Setbacks for Residential Solar PV Systems


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A document titled "2018 Modified Roof Setbacks for Residential Solar PV Systems"
just came to my attention.

This looks very useful for all you Cali installers.

Is it enforced by all AHJ's in CA?
or is it up to their own year of adoption of the triennial code cycles?
or at their discretion whether they like it or not?

It seems a lot more lenient:
-18" in many cases rather than 36"
-one pathway rather than two in some cases.

Who is familiar with this?




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It's a (welcome!) update to the state fire and residential codes. So unless the local AHJ has filed an ammendment with the state then they are supposed to abide by it, although you might have to 'educate' them. We've done a whole bunch of installs this way in the last 5-6 months. We've had a couple issues with delayed approvals after having to refer inspectors back to the code and/or their plan checkers. But mostly no problem.


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Definitely welcome amendment!
Very useful to know that it is working for you.

No setbacks on flat residential?