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So here we are in May,, 2021. Romex price is up 300%... what is happening?... I've heard multiple reasons... will we run out of romex? What the heck it's going on. ✌


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14-2 250 ft has been consistently $35 for the last few years. Now it's about $105. 90 days ago it was still $35.

I feel bad for people who are finally going through with the project they've been thinking about for awhile.

"Sorry, but you should have done this when I mentioned it to you. Now that wire is going to cost $100. Plus the time it takes me to drive around looking for it."

Actually my supply house still has it, but I haven't seen any 14-2 in any big box store for a couple weeks now.

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Up 300% ?
From what to what?

Here in Kansas City it's gone up about 80% from $68 per 250' to $122 per 250'
At HD that is true for now because they are still working off old orders. Once they have to reorder you will not see that low $122 anymore.
My wholesalers were less than HD on Romex a few months ago and now they are $170 a roll for 12/2. They order more frequently and follow the commodity markets. HD bases prices on what ever there last purchase agreement was.

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Actually I kind of like AC better. Tougher, quicker makeup without the green wire, less waste of resources. Only problem is AC is not common in this area, most supply House people look at you like you have two heads if you ask for it.
Smart MC saves 30% on labor - no green wire, no redheads, secure every 6 ft instead of 4 1/2.


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Up 300% ?
From what to what?

Here in Kansas City it's gone up about 80% from $68 per 250' to $122 per 250'
A year ago I was paying $190/M for 12/2. Here today it’s $740/M.

Starting another residential job tomorrow and ordered all the material today. Suppliers are out of stock on any box above a 2gg, and very limited supply on 1gg, 2gg, and round nail ups. One of my suppliers told me he’s had 8k 1gg boxes on order for 2/mo with no ship date available yet.

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