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This is just FYI. I have already submitted this to the NFPA.

Proposed revision to 210.52(A)(1):
(1) Spacing. Receptacles shall be installed in each wall space so that no point measured horizontally along the floor line in (delete the word "any") that wall space is more than 1.8 m (6 ft.) from a receptacle outlet.

The change would clarify that receptacles outside the boundaries of the wall space do not fulfill the requirement for having receptacles that serve the wall space. For example, as presently written, the code might be interpreted as allowing (1) A kitchen countertop receptacle that is close to the edge of the countertop to also serve a wall space adjacent to the cabinet/countertop surface, and (2) A receptacle mounted in the floor in the middle of a doorway to serve the two wall spaces to the left and to the right of the doorway. Also, consider a wall that has two feet of wall space on the left, then a three foot wide doorway, then additional wall space to the right of the doorway. The two foot wall space needs a receptacle, but the present NEC words can be interpreted as allowing that space to be served by a receptacle immediately to the right of the doorway. The receptacle serving a wall space should be actually IN that wall space.
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