220V Pool Pump on GFI breaker?

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Hello, I just recently installed a Remote Pool panel (100Amp) for a built in pool. The pool has (2) pool pumps. I have heard rumors that the 2008 NEC code and some of the local codes are requiring these pumps to be GFI protected. Both pumps are 20A, 240V, two pole, yet the motor is wired to a three wire cord with no nuetral(just two hots and a groound). If I install a 2 pole 20a, GFI breaker. Do I:

1. Tie the ground wire from pump into the nuetral lug on the breaker, and tie the white wire from the breaker to the Nuetral bus. When I did that it trips the GFI receptacle off panel.

2. So, I tied the ground wire to the breaker lug and tied the white wire from the breaker to the ground bus of the panel. This set-up does not trip the GFI receptacle.

The pool is still not operational, being that has just been installed, so I have not tested the pumps themselves, but if the pump requires GFI protection with no nuetral where, do I tie the white wire from the breaker?

Does the GFI breaker even help with any protection with theis set-up?

thanks, Mike


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Land the egc on the ground bar and the white from the breaker on the neutral bar and the two hots on their respective terminals on the breaker


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Just remember this, the only place an EGC and a grounded (white) conductor

will land on the same bus, is at the service equipment that has the MAIN

disconnect or is the MAIN disconnect. Other than that you never land them

together or opposite, all whites on one bus all EGC on the other.
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