230.85 First Revision 2023 NEC ?


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Anyone here sit through the CMP 10 discussion on 230.85 for the first revision for 2023?

If so, could you share how they propose to clean up the mess?

I like parts of PI #'s...
  • 1818 (Brian Baughman)
  • 2019 & 2020 (Don Ganiere)
  • 2261 (Ryan Jackson)
  • 2569 (Larry Forshner)
  • 3366 (Danish Zia of UL)


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I did not sit in on any of the CMP 10 meetings. The "ballot" document will be published sometime in the next 6 to 8 weeks. That will show all of the PIs that received at least a simple majority vote at the panel meeting. It will also so any language changes that the panel made to an "accepted" PI and will contain any panel generated First Revisions. After the ballot process is completed the PIs that receive at least a 2/3s majority will show up as First Revisions in the First Draft Report to be published on 7/2 for comment.