240.21 or 230.46 --NEC 2020

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I think I have only ever done 3 taps in my 15 years of being in the field. Attached is the set up I have. I can't get a 200 amp MB Panel with feedthrough lugs. So I have to install a little panel on back side, because owners wants outlets and 240 outlet next to Meter.
Attached are my 200 Disconnect I will be using. https://www.platt.com/platt-electri...Type/Eaton/ECCVH200R/product.aspx?zpid=164978

They are tight fitting and hate splicing in them because of that.

The load I need is only 40 amps. If I splice after one of the 200 amps then I can get by with 10kaic breakers ( I believe ? still looking into Series rating for breakers ) after that so I can use small little panel with breaker and hold down kit.

400 amp Meter enclosure
If I tap in the load side of the meter than technically the Panel I will feed will now have to have 25kaic breaker feeding it. Little more expensive but I have a lot of room to tap in the 400 amp meter enclosure.
In ground transformer is next to equipment and AIC is 15900
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