240 line voltage thermostat for baseboards seems to be self heating


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I’m not familiar with is Adobe thermostat but one thing comes to mind.........do these thermostats have “anticipators” little thermal elements connected to the thermostat that warm up when the heater is on, with this type line and load connections are important.
The Aube thermostats are supposed to be more proactive and maintain temperatures within a degree or so rather than having the temperature swing of mechanical thermostats. They do this by applying just enough energy to maintain temperature rather than the full on/off of a mechanical thermostat. My Aubes are in series with the load and one in particular shows a blank screen when the clixon device in the liquid filled heater opens.


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I’ve mostly just installed the non-programmable Aube stats I like them a lot. I really like the way they trim the output when room temp is close to the set point. No call backs yet. I think they are made by Honeywell.

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