250.64 (C)

I have used the GEC in a residential feeder conduit from an exterior meter pedestal to the interior MDP then to the residential water service pipe and across the meter with listed grounding clamps, listed bonding strap from emt protecting 4AWG Cu GEC fed through without splices the bonding locknuts at the meter pedestal with main breaker to the bonding locknut at the interior MDP. The grounded conductor in the MDP is not bonded to the GEC. I work in an area were all wiring, residential and commercial, must be in emt, rmc, fmc or lfmc and all conduits over one inch trade size must have bonding locknuts regardless of knockout type. All new services regardless of occupancy must have an exterior main disconnect. I have done scores of service upgrades and new services were I have used a properly sized GEC as the bonding conductor in the feeder conduit without complaint from the AHJ. Yesterday I recieved a 250.64 (C) violation by the AHJ in a new town (for me). Continuous means ubbocken, without splice, unless on a bus board or a lug,terminal, or other device listed for grounding, which a lay-in lug on a bonding locknuts is. Have I been installing all of these services wrong? Will these buildings burst into flame and consume the occupants? Should I go back to each one and pull an additional EGC through every feeder conduit?

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