3/8" greenfield length


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I am doing a kitchen remodel and the village is requiring smoke detectors installed as per the IRC. I failed the inspection because in the attic I daisy chained 3/8" greenfield between the smoke detectors. The inspector states the NEC prohibits a combined length of more than six feet. I cannot find anything in article 348 that prohibits this. Article 250.118 is on grounding and the way I interpret it, I have to have a ground wire installed on lengths that exceed six feet. Am I missing something here?


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IMO the maximum length of any one piece is 6' not the entire run, that section says nothing about combined lengths. The EGC not an issue because you have an EGC in each raceway.

348.20 Size.
(A) Minimum. FMC less than metric designator 16 (trade
1 ? 2 ) shall not be used unless permitted in 348.20(A)(1)
through (A)(5) for metric designator 12 (trade size
3 ? 8 ).
(1) For enclosing the leads of motors as permitted in
(2) In lengths not in excess of 1.8 m (6 ft) for any of the
following uses:

a. For utilization equipment
b. As part of a listed assembly
c. For tap connections to luminaires as permitted in