320 amp meter can


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I want to use this meter can in a situation where I need a wireway above the meter and trying to avoid an LL out the lower right side. The POCO enters bottom left from underground. The load conductors will go out the hub opening on the top left. Meter can drawing is attached.
Does anyone see an issue with routing the load side conductors thru the can like this? Note there is no barriered POCO area in this can.


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Barrier not needed, POCO seals access to the entire enclosure, when you see a barrier is typically when the unmetered conductors run through a section that has customer access, like with meter/loadcenter combinations sometimes.

Buck Parrish

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Agreed , You only have a barrier when their is a breaker for load side connections. to branch circuits.
That left side will be kind of full with the cables passing one another.
But it's a pretty common install. I generally get one with double lugs on the bottom . Than put a disco on either side of the meter.
I have used a gutter like your talking about. Either way is fine.