350 Volts - a safe and harmless ‘zap’


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Are you questioning how safe 350 volts may or may not be?

If so consider the voltage points of contact pretty much need to be within a few inches of one another somewhere on that braclet. Not the same as contacting ~300 volt conductor of a premises wiring system (277 not far below 300) with your hand contact with "ground" via your feet.

Also consider electric fence chargers can put out 10-15kV, yet is pulsed and at such a low current that it isn't normally going to electrocute anyone. Might cause more injury from reaction than from current that passes through you in many cases.


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I really enjoyed this anecdote from a reviewer:

The creators call the technology "biohacking", but the idea grew from distinctly analogue beginnings. A few years ago Maneesh Sethi, Pavlok's CEO, hired a woman via Craiglist to smack him whenever he used Facebook. This worked so well that he figured we should really all have our own personal, portable slap-happy woman.