386.10 (1), WireMold and What is a dry location

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Would anyone consider a covered porch (entry to home) a dry location.

I've been asked to correct items on a home inspection report. There's WireMold used to extend a front porch light to a second light. A run of 20 ft'.

My first reaction was it's outside... replace it. But then it's covered ergo dry.

Any thoughts?


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Maybe not wet but certainly damp and I think WM is dry location only.

From Article 100
Location, Damp. Locations protected from weather and
not subject to saturation with water or other liquids but
subject to moderate degrees of moisture. Examples of such
locations include partially protected locations under canopies,
marquees, roofed open porches, and like locations,
and interior locations subject to moderate degrees of moisture,
such as some basements, some barns, and some coldstorage
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