4 Spacing Charts of Old


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You may or may not find these of any value but you won't find them in any book,so it might be wise to copy them.They were set up for conduit systems that required seal's basicly.You might need this info someday ,who knows.

You will note they are hand drawn by a draftsman may have been me I don't recall .I did some over the years.These are at least 40 years old.I got these from a friend I worked with for many years this morning.I had recently destroyed all of my notes I carried around. The engineering companies across the city swapped info back and forth as folks changed jobs,data like this moved around.

You also may note some small numerical values penciled in,these are equivalent millimeter dimensions.

Chart A1 is SEAL to SEAL
Chart B1 is SEAL to UNION
Chart C1 is SEAL to CONDUIT
Chart D1 is UNION to UNION



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Done with thanks.
Wanted to let you know they were appreciated. :thumbsup:

(got any more stuff like that?)