408.3(A)2 - PPE Requirements w/ Main Breaker Off


408.3 (A) 2 sets the requirement for the barriers that are often placed by the manufacturer in sections of padmount switchboards to separate the service side from the load side for safety purposes, so that if one opens the main service disconnect breaker, they may do work on the load side of the switchboard more safely. What I am wondering is, are the barriers placed in these pieces intended to safely contain the incident energy that will be released if there happens to be a arc event in the main breaker section while the covers on the load side is open? Or is it the case that NFPA 70E/OSHA rules would still require full arc rated PPE when working in the load side of a service switchboard (equipped from the factory with barriers) that has the main breaker in the open position?

Is there anything definitive on this, such as if the UL standard the manufacturers must meet requires the manufacturer to design the gear with this in mind, etc?