Aerator motor cables

What is the best type of cable to use for a aerator motor that is floating on a pontoon in the middle of a pond? The pond run off from a oil refinery ditch and the cable will be underwater. 20HP, 480 Volt, 3 Phase.


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I don't know for sure. Submersible pump cable would be my first guess.

A look Art. 553 Floating Buildings says cables that are extra hard usage that are wet location and sunlight resistant are allowed.
That's what I've always seen, but you do have to be careful as some of them are only for use in WELLS, so the insulataion is not UV resistant. RTFM.


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We have a clarifier here, which I'm guessing is what you are running? Currently all 8 aereators are run with SEOOW but are being changed over to a "super cable" made by TPC. Special insualtion and engineering makes it have higher ampacity ratings and better UV/corrosive protection i guess.